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Infrastructure Software Lenovo Infrastructure Software Providing the foundation upon which critical enterprise business applications are run.

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We partner with leading software providers to offer their infrastructure software with our extremely reliable, high-performance ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile servers. Overview Your foundation for agility and security Infrastructure software helps businesses become more agile, secure, and service-oriented. Lenovo complements that software with reliable and high-performance hardware systems and services expertise to help you successfully integrate innovative IT infrastructure with your operations and improve your overall business.

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Operating systems Pair your Lenovo servers with a robust, scalable and secure operating system that works for slim down linux kernel business. Microsoft® Windows Server® Enterprise-class operating system providing advanced multilayer security, hyperconvergence capabilities, and support for hybrid environments.

Microsoft Windows Server licenses from Lenovo are specifically optimized to install on Lenovo servers.

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Lenovo provides support for these optimized versions of Windows Server, giving customers a single point of support for their entire data center. Microsoft Windows Server Description An enterprise class operating system with advanced multilayer security.

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Windows Server is the latest version and provides hybrid capabilities to extend your datacenter to Azure, faster application creation and modernization using containers and microservices, and expanded hyperconvergence capabilities for greater efficiency and security. Includes HyperV server virtualization software.

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