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Edltura ,tiint. Two years haoe elapsed since "the invention:" Jeff and Jerry are now nine years old, and 11'1. Mike has flown to more countries and Sue has gi~en a great number of 8uccessful concerts at -home and ryi slimming tea.

Andrei has been getiing on with his research and Monica has been getting on with her work at the hospital. All of them have seen a lot of each other. They ha~B seen a lot of Miss Cora too.

She ha» often asked them to her 'tea ryi slimming tea, and 8M has often been in",ited to their parties. In Sue and Mike's garden. Su~ is cutting some es and gi~ing them to Iris.

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Iris is arranging them in a wicker basket. SUE: W~Il, that's the lot. SUE: Yes, darling. There are eleven of them. Such heautiful roses I I've never seen more beautiful roses in all my life.

SUE: No, darling. Ours have come on beautifully this year. Jeff,i Jerry au acum noua ani tar lru ,apte.

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Andrei ,-a CO. Aceastai-a inf. SUE: Da, scumpo. Sint unspreseee. And I don't think they have Invited anybody else. Airplanes don't always arrive on time. SUE: Daddy has just phoned from. He landed twenty-five minutes ago. He must he on his way home now.

IRIS: I can hear the bell. It must be Daddy. SUE: No, darling, Daddy has got his own latch-key. You know he always lets himself in, It must he someone else, Anyway, go and answer the door, there's a good girL.

In plus, ratiuni etice - legate de pastrarea demnitatii omului suferind, adeseori torturat fizic §i psihic de catre boala- au impus ryi slimming tea atenta a dimensiunii psihoIogice a actului medical centrat pe relatia dintre medic inclusiv personalul de lngrijire §i pacient adeseori §i cu familia acestuia. Referitor Ia conceptia psihosomatidi, admisa cvasiunanim ca baza teoretica a abordarii bolnavilor in cadrul diverselor specialitati medico-chirurgicale, se cuvine sa mentionam faptul ca medicina contemporana a asimilat, de cfiteva decenii, aceasta con ceptie, fapt ce permite medicului practician somatician sa evalueze implica[iile etiopoto genice alefactorilor psihologici In aparitia §i evolutia unor boli somatice in primul rand cele psihosomatice dar §i sa trateze - In limitele competentei sale - manifestrtrile psihi att·ice dintr-o serie de boli somatice tumori cerebrale, endocrinopatii etc.

Afte1' a minute or so Iris runs back into, the gar":en,fallowed by Mtke. SUE: HeUo, darling. What's the matter? I've been ,tbxoughall my pockets but in vain. It's 10ISt and gone.


Now you 11 have to lend me yours. You were in mufti when you last used your k~y.

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That was two nights ago, when we returne~ home from Pars~fal. That must he. After four hours of- Wagner you can't expect a man. I P:ut on my uaifol'm yesterday mornmg my head was still swun~mgand I quite naturally forgot about the key.

Aren ~ tp.

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Ob, you've already cut them. Wasn t it too Boon? What time s the party? MIKE: Then it~s all right. Where are Jeff 8;nd Jerry? Very decent ,~f the boys, I must say.

SUE~ They've always been so considerate. After a quarter of an hour. In Mike and Sue's bedroom. SUE: Yes, Mike. Hera I am. What do I look like? MIKE: Lovely. I've always liked you. SUE: Liked ryi slimming tea MIKE: Sorry'. I've always loved you.

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Avioanele nu sosesc totdeauna la timp. SUE: Tata toemai a telefonat de la aero port. A aterizat. SUE: Nu, scumpo, tata are eheia de Ia intrare.

Trebuie sa fie altcineve, Oricum, du-te §i deschide u~a, fii draguta. Dupa un, minut sau cam afa: Iris pine in. SUE: Buna, scumpule.

Ce s-a intimplat? De ee nu Ji·ai deschis singur? MIKE: Mii tem ca mi-am pierdut cheia.

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M-am d. E definitiv pierduta, Acum 0 lSa trobuiasca sa mi-o tmprumuti pe a tao - SUE: Nu, seumpule, n-ai pierdut-o inca, a~a eli nu e nevoie sa p. Erai in civil etnd Ili foloait ultima oara. Asta trebuie sa fie. Cind mi-am pus uniforma ieri dimineatJi Ind. Nu-i a~a d. Oare nu v'ali.

La ce ryi slimming tea. SUE: La ora ~ase, ,i aeum a ~al! MIKE: Atunei e perfect. Jeff ~i Jerry un de sint? SUE: S·au dusamtadoi s-o aduos.

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Foarte drs. Dupa un Brert de ora. In dormitlJrul lui Mike fi al lui Sue. MIKE: 'I'e-ai g8. SUE: Da, Mike. Cum arit? MIKE: Splendid. Totdeauna mi-ai placut. SUE: Ti·a. I've always adored you. SUE: Adored ~?

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MIKE: Oh, awfully sorry. I've always worshipped you. SUE: That's a little better. Now I can "go to the farewell party.

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Tomorrow afternoon about one o'clock. As nice a couple aa I haveever ryi slimming tea. We've been getting on so well. SUE: So we have. I can't remember. SUE: Almost two years. MIKE: And how long have we been hiends? SUE: Ever since they came over. They fusi made friend.